2 Person Whirlpool Bath

Buying a 2 person whirlpool bath seems at first look like a simple task. Although you may think that all white bath tubs look the same the reality is that there is a huge variety of baths for sale and it is worth taking some time to consider what type of bath you’re going to buy.

The first thing to consider is the shape

Straight Edge

The common, straight bath fits into a corner of your bathroom and has panels over the two exposed sides. The shape of the interior differs but the edges of the exterior are always straight.

Shower Bath

Slotted into a corner like a straight bath but differs slightly as it flares out at one end to accommodate a person showering in it. Curved screens are available for shower baths.

Corner Bath

2 Person Whirlpool Bath

Fits into the corner of the room although not rectangular like a straight bath or shower bath and slightly wider instead. Corner baths are best for awkwardly shaped bathrooms.

Double Ended

Taps and plug are on the side of the tub so you can sit on either side of the bath. Often ‘D-shaped’ with three curved sides.


As the name suggests, a freestanding 2 person whirlpool bath stands alone, away from the bathroom walls. Best positioned in the centre of a larger bathroom with freestanding taps or alternatively close to a wall with wall mounted taps. The freestanding bath is usually the centre piece of a bathroom.

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Aside from the shape of the bath there are several other variations. Baths are typically made out from acrylic or steel although some freestanding baths are made from other materials such as granite and older tubs may be made from cast iron. If you are buying a heavier tub think about whether your floor is strong enough to hold it when full.

2 person whirlpool baths pump air and water out of jets in their sides. However, whirlpool baths are harder to install and clean, and are generally heavier than a standard bathtub.