Skick’D the Best option to Engage Consumers

Reward customers, create meaningful relationships and revenue


Skick’D works with reward programs to deliver consumers relevant opportunities to the brands they love. We identify pertinent experiences based on past purchase activity and deliver customized offers with the value derived from their rewards account.

Leveraging consumer insights, Skick’D helps banks, airlines and hotels increase customer card spend/sales, company loyalty and reduce program costs.

Skick’D delivers targeted campaigns marketed to a well-defined set of consumers leading to incremental merchant traffic and direct sales.

Best part, consumers get the most out of earned rewards when Skick’D delivers simply awesome redemption opportunities.


Consumers earn points every time they swipe their credit card, fly to vacation or spend the night at a favorite hotel. Skick’D understands the nuances of running a rewards program and helps you get the most out of it. Skick’D drives consumer engagement that delivers incremental revenue and customer satisfaction and we help decrease program costs and associated liabilities

Balance Sheet Management

Reward programs provide many benefits when it comes to interacting with customers, unfortunately the associated liability can clutter the balance sheet. Skick’D gets consumers to redeem points more efficiently and removes the liability at a discount.

Incremental Interaction

Loyalty is the reason reward programs exist. Skick’D helps build additional interaction and drive incremental card spend, brand loyalty and deliver repeat business.

Improved Relationships

Consumers want a more personalized experience with their reward programs. The average household interacts with less than 50% of their reward programs – they’re confusing, hard to navigate and often ineffective. Together we’ll improve the customer experience and enhance lifetime revenue.

Enabling Retail Solutions

Skick’D delivers dynamic campaigns beyond today’s static offerings. We listen to customers, understand their needs, wants and aspirations and deliver customized campaign and experiences thatbest positions your brand to drive incremental sales,traffic and loyalty

Incremental Revenue

Skick’D complements existing marketing to introduce your brand to new customers or deliver unique marketing campaigns to existing customers. We drive customer traffic with bank funded gift cards to your store as the foundation of our successful partnership.

Customer Loyalty

We separate noise from smart marketing. Our approach is fresh and delivers the perfect message at the right time to create a meaningful bond with today’s consumer.

Enhanced Marketing

The cost of sending campaigns has decreased, yet the ability to get desired results has become significantly more difficult. Our process delivers 100% measurable results efficiently in the form of increased sales and traffic and a better consumer experience.