How To Refinish A Bathtub Yourself Video

How To Refinish A Bathtub Yourself Video. Renovations and repairs in your bathroom can improve the value of your home. Bathtubs can be expensive to replace. Making your old bathtub look new is not as difficult as it seems. The question is how to rework a bathtub.

It is important not only to have the supplies for your work, but also the safety equipment. If you are going back to work in the bathtub, you need to have a well ventilated area and you will want to wear a good face mask. If you do not have windows in the bathroom, you may want to get a respirator. Whatever you choose, you must protect your respiratory system while refining your bathtub. You will also need:

  • Bathtub cleansers (chemical cleaners that are going to strip the tub clean)
  • A palm sander and sandpaper
  • Caulking
  • Masking tape and paper or plastic (newspaper works well, or you can use plastic to protect the rest of the bathroom)
  • Spray gun (to apply the acrylic paint)
  • Chemical bonding agent for porcelain
  • Epoxy paint or primer
  • EP-acrylic top coat

You must use chemical cleansers to clean the surface of the tub. Remove all fillers and make sure the surface is clear. It is important that the surface is clean before applying the new surface.

How To Refinish A Bathtub Yourself Video

Sand the surface so that the new layer applied will adhere. If there are chips, scratches, scratches or other marks on the surface, now is your chance to get rid of them. A manual grinder is easy to handle and provides a smooth surface to work with. The chips, nicks and scratches should be ground as much as possible. The final result will be greatly influenced by the way you grind the tub.

Once you have sanded the bathtub, you should clean it. Do not leave dust or anything on the surface. Water or chemicals should not remain on the surface either. You need a clean, dry surface that you can work with when applying the top layer of acrylic finish. Wearing a mask during this step is a good idea. A mask reduces the amount of dust you breathe.

Use tape, paper or plastic mask for anything you do not want to cover with your bathtub finish. Hanging cloths are ideal for floors. You will use to spray that in the end cover everything you have in your bathroom on the surface that applies to the bathtub, so make sure you have protected everything before you begin to spray.

After the area is masked, you must apply an adhesive with a cloth on porcelain. Allow the product to dry for 5 minutes before painting the surface. Make sure your area is ventilated as much as possible and wear your mask / respirator when applying the first acrylic polymer paint.

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Follow the instructions for the preparation in the first package. Paint a uniform coat of first in the tub with the spray gun. Slowly use even a spray action and cover the entire tub. Do not slow down to the point where the paint runs down the sides of the bathtub. If you have used the syringe before, you should practice on another surface to know how to hold and move it without damaging the tub.

After the first drying, you must apply a second primer. Then apply three coats of acrylic polymer paint. You have to give 30 minutes of drying time between uses.

Reseal 48 hours or more after draining the tub. Your putty should harden for a few days and then your bathtub will be as good as new.