Best Result of Rhinoplasty

The surgeon’s goal is, of course, for his patient to be satisfied with the result. In rhinoplasty, this satisfaction can be very subjective and, of course, depends on the patient’s idea of the ideal nose he would like to obtain. The best rhinoplasty expert in Florida specializes in nose jobs and should be considered when wanting to get your nose job done.

Examination of The Patient's Nose Is Therefore An Essential Prerequisite

The purpose of this examination is to objectify the aesthetic “anomalies” but also to ensure good respiratory function. 

We can thus highlight: 

  • a bump, bony, cartilaginous or osteocartilaginous, complete or rather making a wave appearance.
  • Conversely, a saddle which is usually low, post-traumatic or postoperative.
  • A deviated nose, either homogeneously or in S, rectilinear or comma.
  • A fine point, triangular, round, square, symmetrical or not, in a good position, too raised, falling spontaneously or with a smile.
  • Nostrils round, elongated, symmetrical or not, thick or thin.
  • A median or eccentric columella, retrused or on the contrary in gout.
  • Thin or thick skin, previous scars, or dermal nevus-like lesions.
  • Finally, a good quality respiratory system or, on the contrary, a septal deviation associated or not with hypertrophy of the inferior turbinates, perforation of a septum.

In Rhinoplasty We Can Use The Morphing Technique

Many surgeons offer patients a morph that is supposed to be the result that will be obtained.

Although this morphing technique is already very old, I’m still quite resistant to it for several reasons:

  • The first is undoubted that I prefer that it is the patients who intervene as much as possible in their rhinoplasty project.
  • The second is that, even with 3D cameras, in the vast majority of cases, the morphing will concern the profile and the face, but these two elements in a separate way.
  • However, the nose is three-dimensional, and each change in the profile will have an impact on the face.
  • The third reason is that I saw a lot of patients, consulting after having been operated by another team, and who were dissatisfied because the result did not correspond to the morphing that had been proposed to them, a result which, however, sometimes and even often was of very good quality!

In the nose, these stakes are represented by the bony canopy and the cartilaginous skeleton, and the web is, of course, the skin. 

It will therefore always be necessary to take this into account in the rhinoplasty project and sometimes not to want to be too excessive in reducing the nasal volume to avoid, from the face in particular, to obtain a thickening of the nose in general and of the tip in particular.

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Cosmetic Surgery For Men: Frequent Interventions

A look back at cosmetic surgery procedures adapted for men or specific to men.


Also called cervicofacial lifting, this facial surgery aims to refresh and rejuvenate a face by reducing the marks of time. Long associated with women, facelifts are increasingly in demand among men.

In men, this cosmetic surgery of the face has peculiarities due to the presence of the implantation of the beard. The scar must be placed at least one centimetre in front of the ear (while in women, it is at the level of the cartilaginous reliefs of the ear) so that the beard keeps its natural implantation.


Rhinoplasty should be more discreet and less corrective than in women. Indeed, the nasal covering tissue in men is thicker than that of women and therefore requires appropriate correction.

Leaving a residual bump so that the result is discreet is not nonsense in men, where the nose must still be in harmony with a manly face, with less fine features and a more imposing facial mass than in women.

Correction of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia correction treats enlarged glandular tissue in the breast. This can be due to multiple factors: hereditary, hormonal or iatrogenic, i.e. due to drug intake. The operation consists of removing the mammary gland through a small incision around the lower edge of the areola. The scars are easily concealed in this area thanks to the natural pigmentation of the areolas.

The abdominal etching

Having a stomach with the drawing of the abdominals is an even more important dream that many try to have without achieving it despite an intensive practice of the sport. The technique which allows redrawing the abdominals, the abdominal etching, is an intervention imported from the USA and more particularly in California, where the cult of the body is in the spotlight.

Intimate surgery of the genital tract

The purpose of penoplasty is to enlarge the length and/or diameter of a penis deemed too small.

Important: if this intervention allows a gain of several centimetres on the length of the penis, it does not improve sexual performance.…

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Rhinoplasty: The Different Techniques

The nose is a key part of the face. A small change in its structure can have a significant impact on our appearance and our self-confidence.

The rhinoplasty is one of the surgeries aesthetic most common currently.

The rhinoplasty is a surgery of the nose to improve its function or to modify its form. Communément called remodelling of the nose, and this surgical procedure improves the nasal morphology. It allows a better harmony and a better balance of the face.

The discomfort felt in the nose can be functional with disturbed breathing or else aesthetic. The aesthetic problem can be located at the bump, tip, wings of the nose or a deviation of the latter.

Each technique has advantages depending on the modifications envisaged.

Open rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is the most common.

It is recommended for patients:

  • Suffering from nasal deviation, asymmetries or breathing problems.
  • In search of aesthetic improvements: increase/decrease in size, removal of a nasal bump, correction of the tip of the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty, also called endonasal rhinoplasty, is performed either under general anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia with sedation.

Incisions inside the nasal cavity sculpt the cartilage and/or bone to the desired end result. This technique leaves no visible scar.

Closed rhinoplasty is for patients who need minor adjustments, especially of the nasal bridge, rather than the tip of the nose.

Medical rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Medical has the advantage of not requiring surgery. However, it has its limits and will be less effective than surgery for major changes to the nose.

The rhinoplasty medical involves injecting fillers in the nose, primarily hyaluronic acid. It is possible, with this technique, to erase a dorsal bump, harmonize the tip of the nose and in some cases raise the latter a little.

This technique only improves the aesthetic appearance of your nose and is not applicable in all situations.

Results are temporary, on average for up to 24 months. This non-surgical approach can also be a good way to test a nose restructuring procedure before committing to permanent changes and, therefore, surgery.

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