Cosmetic Surgery For Men: Frequent Interventions

Cosmetic Surgery For Men: Frequent Interventions

A look back at cosmetic surgery procedures adapted for men or specific to men.


Also called cervicofacial lifting, this facial surgery aims to refresh and rejuvenate a face by reducing the marks of time. Long associated with women, facelifts are increasingly in demand among men.

In men, this cosmetic surgery of the face has peculiarities due to the presence of the implantation of the beard. The scar must be placed at least one centimetre in front of the ear (while in women, it is at the level of the cartilaginous reliefs of the ear) so that the beard keeps its natural implantation.


Rhinoplasty should be more discreet and less corrective than in women. Indeed, the nasal covering tissue in men is thicker than that of women and therefore requires appropriate correction.

Leaving a residual bump so that the result is discreet is not nonsense in men, where the nose must still be in harmony with a manly face, with less fine features and a more imposing facial mass than in women.

Correction of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia correction treats enlarged glandular tissue in the breast. This can be due to multiple factors: hereditary, hormonal or iatrogenic, i.e. due to drug intake. The operation consists of removing the mammary gland through a small incision around the lower edge of the areola. The scars are easily concealed in this area thanks to the natural pigmentation of the areolas.

The abdominal etching

Having a stomach with the drawing of the abdominals is an even more important dream that many try to have without achieving it despite an intensive practice of the sport. The technique which allows redrawing the abdominals, the abdominal etching, is an intervention imported from the USA and more particularly in California, where the cult of the body is in the spotlight.

Intimate surgery of the genital tract

The purpose of penoplasty is to enlarge the length and/or diameter of a penis deemed too small.

Important: if this intervention allows a gain of several centimetres on the length of the penis, it does not improve sexual performance.

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